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Rat Tailed, Rat's Tail, Edible Podded Radish
Harvesting: 45 - 50 days to harvest.
Suggested Varieties:

'Rat's Tail' is the star of edible podded radishes. You may find seed that is simply labeled ‛Edible Podded' radish and it may have been some type of hybrid, but it should be very similar. ‛Munchen Bier' radish produces pungent pods as well as its long, white root.
Growing Tips:

Soil: Radishes like a faily neutral soil pH of around 6.0 to 7.0. Edible podded radishes are a bit more forgiving of soil because they are not forming underground bulbs.

Planting:There is little to be gained by starting 'Rat's Tail' radish seeds indoors. Wait until the ground has warmed, generally late spring, and direct seed about 1" deep. Thin plants to 18" apart.


These are sprawling plants with long, spindly stems. They will start to flop when the flowers open and really need some type of support to lean against. Unless your soil is very poor, you should not need any supplemental fertilizer. More important is regular water, at least 1 inch per week, especially while the pods are forming. Once the pods start forming. Keep them picked. Larger pods will get tough and unpalatable. If you keep harvesting, plants should continue to produce for 4-8 weeks. However to insure a long harvest, succession plant every 2-3 weeks.
If you plan to save seeds, do not let 'Rat's Tail' cross pollinate with conventional radish varieties.

Pests & Problems:

'Rat's Tail' is a quick grower and few pests attack the pods. Aphids can be a problem, but can be hosed off or controlled with insecticidal soap.

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