Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Growing Strawberries.

Growing Strawberries | Strawberry Plants .org: "Companion Planting Strawberries"
Strawberry Plant Propagation | Strawberry Plants .org: "Strawberry Propagation by Plant Division"
Strawberry Varieties: "There are however a few sub categories to this variety; early season, early midseason, midseason, late midseason and Late season. "
Growing and Propagating Strawberries:
You cannot choose your soil, but you can improve it. Over-enriched soils will tend to grow lush green leaves as opposed to luscious red fruits, so it pays to restrain your organic fervour.

Check the soil pH and amend, if necessary, to about 6.5. A soil manured the previous year gives an ideal start. Such a soil will need the addition of garden compost at 1 barrow to 4m2, plus 75g per m2 each of bone meal and seaweed meal. If your soil is particularly short of nutrients apply one barrow of well rotted manure per 12 m2 in addition.

Both heavy and light soils benefit from leafmould. Moreover, strawberries thrive in it. Work in a 5cm layer to the top 10cm of soil just prior to planting.
Growing Strawberries | Strawberry Plants .org: "Growing Strawberries"

Growing and Propagating Strawberries:
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