Saturday, 10 May 2014

How to grow a bumper crop of peas.

How to grow a bumper crop of peas - Telegraph:
"Growing peas is straightforward, but requires a little forethought and, even if you’ve not sown any yet, there’s plenty of time to do so.
Peas can be sown anytime until the end of June and picked into early autumn.
Take time when choosing varieties, as it takes no more effort to grow the most delicious peas than it does to produce a crop that tastes like the dullest of blunderbuss ammo.
I love 'Hurst Green Shaft’ and 'Ne Plus Ultra’ – they have incredible flavour and are equally reliable.
For those with a windy site, try the superb 'Kelvedon Wonder’, as it grows to only a metre or so in height.
If you have limited space, 'Alderman’ is for you: it’s a fantastic heritage variety that grows rather like me – getting up to 6ft 6in (2m) in height while taking up little space on the ground."

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