Thursday, 1 October 2015

Plant garlic cloves.

Keep garlic well watered during dry weather.
If it's dry for long periods, the cloves will not swell and the resulting crop will have a short storage life.

‘Solent Wight’: Late summer maturing, very good for storage. Autumn Planting-Softneck Type.
‘Germidour’: Late maturing, purple skinned cloves. Spring/Autumn planting. Softneck garlic.
‘Red Duke‘ Garlic is a heritage, hardneck variety with bright white skins with fierce and spicy flavours, which are the signatures of this exotic garlic from Czech Republic; with plump purple cloves. This variety of garlic is noted for being one of the very hot and strong varieties commonly planted in the UK.
Autumn Planting-Hardneck Type.
Growth should really take off during next February and the crop will be ready for harvesting by June/July.

Produce a hard flowering spike.
Cloves form around a central stem.
Varietiesinclude: Purlpe Moldovan, Lautrec Wight, Chesnok Wight, Red Czech & Red Duke Wight (new).
Plant harneck garlic types typically in the Autumn for harvest end of June - July.
Lautrec Wight suitable for planting until early Spring.

Produce a softer stem with no flowering spike, typically more cloves to a bulb, bunched together in tight circles.
Varieties include: Early and Extra Early Purple Wight, Albigensian Wight, Provence Wight, Picardy Wight, Iberian Wight, Tuscany Wight & Solent Wight.
Plant September to March - end of April for Picardy Wight.
Time to buy garlic bulbs: garlic - Bulbs / Plants, Seeds & Bulbs: Garden & Outdoors

Sow or plant in October

Broad beans - sow seeds of early varieties, they should overwinter and give you a crop in the following June.
Cabbages - last chance this year for transplanting spring cabbages. Plant them in ground that has been well firmed and cover with nets to protect from birds, especially pigeons.
Garlic - plant garlic cloves, as long as they are not in a waterlogged are they will overwinter. the longer they are in the ground, the bigger next years bulbs will be for harvesting.
Rhubarb -they should be entering the dormant period now, from now until March, so now is the best time to plant new sets or divide and replant old crowns.
Fruit Bushes - plant new, bare root bushes this month, allowing them time through autun to get their roots down before start of next growing season.

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