Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Moth Proofer Balls.

because they have poor eyesight the moles are good at scents.
so to set a trap leave it hung up in your garden to get rid of any scent.
the a few days later set the trap using two spades back to back then ease them apart and drop the trap in the run after setting it.
do not put your hands on the bit you are going to put in the run but use a stick to set it.
alternatively you could put napthine ( moth balls) down in the run .

One pack of 20 Zensect Bouchard Moth Proofer Balls with a New & improved formula and a Lavender Fragrance. These moth proofer balls protect all fabrics for up to 3 months and leave no stains. Efficient & safe for all the family including and efficiency indicator to let you know when to change.: Kitchen & Home

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