Thursday, 23 June 2011


BBC - Gardeners' calendar - Year planner

BBC - Gardeners' calendar - Year planner


Для ускорения созревания помидоров нужно прекратить поливы, оборвать часть корней (для этого нужно слегка подергать за стебель, будто вырывая растение). Кроме этого, необходимо оборвать все верхушки, а в конце июля - все цветки и бутоны.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Что для испанцев лук «calcots» - Кальсот.

Calçots - Blanca Grande Tardana from Lleida.

How to Grow Calçots:
In spring/summer prepare the bed where you wish to grow calçots. Enriching with at least 4″ of well rotted compost or manure. As with all members of the onion family, calçots enjoy rich soil.
In late summer/early autumn plant fully developed white onions in trenches 8″ deep. These can of course be home grown onions taken from storage and it matters not a jot if they’ve started to sprout. Beware commercially grown onions could contain sprouting inhibitors so you’ll have the most luck with traditionally grown specimens. In Catalunya you can buy specific calçot bulbs which are starting to sprout but any sweet white onion will work well. Here we plant in September.
The rows of calçots should be around 6″ apart.