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How to Grow Asparagus.

Just 100 grams of asparagus contains 2.2 grams of protein and at least 900 units of vitamin A and beta carotene, a component that many people feel has great potential as a cancer preventive.
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How to Grow Asparagus - Vegetable Gardener:
"Plant crowns early.
Crowns should be planted while they are dormant.
That can be as early as late winter.
They should be planted when the ground is workable, between frosts.
As long as the crowns are covered with about 2 in. of soil, they won’t suffer in hard freezes.
They can be planted as late as mid-spring, if plump, healthy roots are still available."

- Asparagus Cultivation:
White, Green and Purple Asparagus.

White asparagus is green asparagus which has been grown in the dark, usually by mounding the beds to cover the crowns with some eight to twelve inches (30.48 centimetres) of light sandy soil so as to exclude light from the developing spears.
It is highly esteemed in continental Europe.
White asparagus is generally peeled before being eaten as it has been grown underground, but with purple asparagus varieties this is not necessary.
Optimum planting density is a little lower for white asparagus than for green.

Purple asparagus is a variant of green which originated in Italy.
It turns green if boiled, but retains its colour if steamed.
Purple varieties of asparagus have a sweeter flavour and are less fibrous making them superior to green cultivars for eating raw.
The original purple variety gave low yields and was very susceptible to disease, but modern purple hybrids have gone some way towards addressing these problems.
It should be stressed that the lack of fibre in the stems means that purple asparagus is less weatherproof and should be avoided in exposed situations.
Purple asparagus is particularly suitable for eating raw.

Cropping Season.
The traditional season for UK asparagus starts on St George's Day, 23rd April, and ends on 21st June.
The season can be extended earlier by growing forcing varieties under protection, and later by planting suitable varieties.
Under cold glass, early asparagus varieties can be cropped from mid March.

- How to grow asparagus plants:

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