Friday, 26 October 2012

Top cooking apples (all AGM winners)

'Arthur Turner’ Raised by Charles Turner. Good flower display, excellent garden tree. Partially self-fertile. Pick Aug/Sept. Cooks to well-flavoured, yellow purée, brisk, hardly needs sugar. Good for pies and sauces or baked.
'Belle de Boskoop’ Good, spreading, flowering garden tree. Needs a pollinator. Pick early Oct. Firm, juicy, sharp flesh, keeps shape when cooked, thick golden purée.
'Blenheim Orange’ Dual-purpose, dessert/culinary. Needs a pollinator. Pick Sept/Oct. Good flavour, sweet, crumbly texture. Good for cheese. Cooks to stiff purée or keeps shape.
'Bramley’s Seedling’ Good in flower, needs a pollinator, heavy crops. Pick early Oct. Cooks to pale purée with strong acidity. For garden use plant the more compact clone 20.
'Edward VII’ Good flowers, good disease resistance. Pick mid-Oct. Acceptable as dessert apple, cooks to creamy purée.
'Charles Ross’ Raised by Charles Ross. Dual-purpose, dessert/culinary. Pick mid-Sept. Juicy, firm flesh. Cooked, slightly sweet, keeps shape.
'Dummellor’s Seedling’ Late 18C, Leics. Raised by Richard Dummellor. Premier Victorian variety. Pick Oct. Cooks to sharp, strongly flavoured creamy purée. Good when baked.
'Emneth Early’ Some disease resistance. Good flowers. Premier Edwardian variety, but biennial bearing. Pick Aug. Codlin type, cooking to flavoursome fluff.
'George Neal’ Named after a London nurseryman. Good flowers. Pick Aug. Dual dessert/cooker. Refreshing flavour as dessert. Delicately flavoured and keeps shape when cooked.
'Golden Noble’ Late 18C, Norfolk. Prized Victorian/Edwardian variety. Good disease resistance. Good flowers. Pick early Oct. Use as dessert when young. Cooks to well-flavoured purée.
'Grenadier’ Good disease resistance. Heavy cropper. Pick mid Aug. Early commercial variety. Cooks to creamy, sharp purée.
Top cooking apples

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