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Plant All 3 Types of Strawberries.

Plant All 3 Types of Strawberries | The Trusty Gardener's Blog: "Copyright"

June-bearing strawberries have one large crop of large berries each year. This is great if you are interested in freezing or making jellies. There are early, mid-season and late varieties, so you can extend the harvest time by a few weeks by choosing some of each, but all produce in early summer.
Everbearing strawberries can produce fruit when the days exceed 12 hours of daylight. This usually results in a moderately heavy crop in early summer, a few berries through the summer, and a light crop in late summer or fall. The total harvest of ever-bearers will be less than the single crop of June-bearing berries, but the spreading out of the crop is sometimes desireable.
Everbearing cultivars produce few runners. This makes it easier to keep track of the plants, and keeps them from running out of the beds into the lawn or pathways, but you may need to buy new plants when it is time to renovate the bed.
Day-neutral strawberry cultivars produce fruit and runners throughout the growing season with three peaks: early-June, mid-July and late August. Temperatures over 75o F stop bud formation, so not as many fruit are formed when it is really hot. Cooler soil temperatures result in larger berries, too. Day-neutral berries are normally smaller than other types, but they are delicious.
One type of day-neutral strawberry, the alpine strawberry, may be easily grown from seed. Alpine strawberry plants produce tiny, delectable berries and make excellent edging or groundcover plants.

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