Sunday, 13 October 2013

Garlic favorite varieties - UK.

- Garlic Provence Wight - A vigorous, white softneck garlic that produces really large, 'sweet' bulbs. Originally from the fertile valleys of Drome region of Provence, this variety has proved to grow well in the UK.
The fat, juicy cloves are perfect for adding some Mediterranean flavour to both vegetable and fish dishes.
Plant from September onwards. Once lifted, will keep until January.

- Early Purple Wight Garlic (Autumn Planting)- Early maturing; can be harvested at end of May from autumn planting, best used soon after harvest as it is not good for storage.

- Purple Heritage Moldovan’ or ‘Purple Moldovan’: Late maturing, heirloom cultivar, producing large purple cloves.

- Pink Germidour - Late maturing, purple skinned cloves.

- Garlic Avignon Wight (Softneck)-
Size does matter! This splendid new introduction can yield big, juicy, fat bulbs up to 80mm+ in size. Potentially, this is the highest yielding garlic and is well worth a try. Responds very well to heavy watering in the 3 months before harvest. A very vigorous grower and also a good storer (up to February following harvest).

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