Thursday, 29 May 2014

New Honeyberry a hit with British gardeners

New Honeyberry a hit with British gardeners
A fruit which has been grown and enjoyed for centuries in its native Siberia is also proving popular with our customers.
The honeyberry (Lonicera caerulea var. Kamtschtica) is botanically a honeysuckle and produces seedless berries with a flavour similar to that of wild blueberries.
It is believed to be high in beneficial antioxidants and Vitamins A, E and especially C.

Tim Jeffries, General Manager says, “The honeyberry really seems to have caught our customers’ imaginations”.
“It is selling very well and shows the British are prepared to try growing something different in their fruit gardens.
We are much more adventurous in what we eat than we were a generation ago.
Honeyberries are so versatile as they can be eaten fresh or made into jams, jellies, pies and ice cream.
They even freeze successfully.”

As the honeyberry is from Siberia it is incredibly hardy and has the advantage of virtually being pest- and disease-free, although wild birds enjoy the fruits!
The attractive shrubs grow to around 90cm (3ft) tall and wide, producing good crops of purple fruits from as early as May onwards.
As they can remain productive for 30 years or more, they are great value at £19.95 for two plants.
Two plants are necessary for pollination purposes.
I bought at:

AB & GE Hunt.
Glenacres Nursery,
232 Wimborne Rd
BH21 2DY

Tel. (44) 1202 872069 mobile (44)7968 470494
e mail

For £4.55 (2 ltr) - here!

You can buy at:
Primrose. - £10.99+£5  - Honeyberry 'Morena' Bush
and - Pennard Plants
and Amazon
And Crocus!

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