Saturday, 7 June 2014

Daphne odora var. rubra or Red winter daphne.

Daphne/RHS Gardening: "odora"
 It is an evergreen shrub.
Daphnes are grown for their beautiful and intensely fragrant blooms which are usually produced in winter or spring.
They are best planted near paths and doorways or at the front of borders where it is easy to enjoy their heady fragrance when in flower.
Some have attractive foliage or berries as well.
Daphne odora is a slightly tender evergreen, surviving best in the south and west of Britain. Soil pH is not important, but all daphnes dislike heavy clay and winter waterlogging, and prefer soil that is free-draining and rich in humus. A leafy annual mulch is beneficial. Though not suited to containers, it will do fine in light shade and grows well in a woodland garden. Daphne odora is never cheap, presumably because it grows slowly, and care after planting involves patience. By cutting sprigs off as it flowers, you are doing all the pruning required.

Daphnes are deep-rooting and many, other than the smaller alpine species, may not thrive in containers.

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