Monday, 20 October 2014

Чеснок. Garlic.

Посажен чеснок:
Hardneck (Hardneck varieties are ideal if you want to grow garlic scapes but still want a crop of garlic bulbs too. - tops and roots! - 'Lautrec Wight')

'Elephant Garlic' - is technically in the leek family, does not store for very long. -

Softneck (Softneck tends to store better.)
- 'Early Purple Wight' ( One of the earliest to crop with bulbs ready for harvesting from as early mid May!)
- 'Solent Wight' (one of the best for its overall eating and keeping qualities.)
- 'Germidour' (produces large, white bulbs with a mild but rich flavour.)

VITAL TIP! Do not let your garlic dry out in a drought. If it lacks water it will go dormant and the bulbs will not grow to a good size. So whilst you want well drained soil so it diesn't rot, you also want it to be irrigated in dry spells.
Choose a permanent location.
Although many gardeners might disagree, garlic actually prefers to be grown in the same spot. An obvious example of this is its relatives chives and perennial onions.
The exception would be in the rare case that your garlic gets hit with rust or white rot; otherwise, give it a forever home.
That a garlic bed should be fertilized twice.
At planting time and again when the ground thaws in the spring, add bone meal, blood meal.

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