Thursday, 2 October 2014

Сut flowers.

Enjoy cut flowers from the garden all year round - Telegraph:
Louise Curley's cutting and displaying tips
Pick flowers early morning or evening to avoid transpiration.
Cut a long stem but leave enough for the plant to regenerate.
Use secateurs or snips for a clean cut.
Plunge stems immediately into a bucket of cold water.
Leave them to rest in a cool garage or shed. But keep away from fruit and veg.
When arranging, snip the stem with a diagonal cut for maximum absorption area.
Put daffs in a separate bucket and keep refreshing the water until sap stops leaking.
Wrap tulip stems in newspaper secured with a rubber band and leave in a bucket of water for a few hours.
Sear the stems of poppies, roses, euphorbias and dahlias to stop early petal fall, by dipping the base of the stem in boiling water, while protecting the flower from steam.

Keep vases in a cool shady spot, and refresh water daily.
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