Saturday, 17 January 2015

The best potatoes.

The best potatoes - Telegraph: Sarah Raven picks her favourite best varieties of potato.
International Kidney (waxy)
Good for forcing early in bags, with good flavour and dense, waxy texture.
Belle De Fontenay (waxy)
A classic, French salad potato, with smooth, firm, waxy, yellow flesh and excellent taste, ideal for salad and boiling.
Winston (floury)
The earliest potato to give you whoppers with a good flavour and crumbly, floury texture, excellent for baking, chips or mash. A quick and early cropper.
The promise Large, evenly sized tubers. Creamy, moist flesh of excellent flavour.
Our result
Flavour and flesh Lovely.
Yield 3lb 12oz.
Condition A few had a touch of scab.
Texture Midway between waxy and floury so ideal for boiling, mash or baked.
Storing Said to be good.
Will I grow it again? Yes, my early potato of choice. Next year I will try two lots, some as tiny, very early new potatoes in May and some larger in June.
Second Earlies 'Anya'
The promise 'Desiree' × 'Pink Fir Apple'. A nutty flavour with a creamy flesh and smoother tubers than 'Pink Fir'.
Our result
Flavour and flesh Fantastic, 'Pink Fir Apple' taste and texture, but three times as healthy and quick producing.
Yield 1lb 5oz.
Condition Perfect.
Texture Very, very waxy.
Storing OK.
Will I grow it again? Yes definitely, one of the best salad potatoes.

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