Saturday, 16 May 2015

Marrows and Courgettes.

I bought plants and ready to plant!

Courgettes belong to the same family as cucumbers, squashes, pumpkins and marrows; in fact they are baby marrows.
Courgettes and zucchini are exactly the same plant but they acquired the different name from Italy from where it has found its way to America.
Although courgettes are small marrows the seed companies have been hard at work breeding plants that will only produce the smaller fruits that we want and not show bench monster marrows.
How to grow:
As the courgette plant grows it will produce a mass of white roots on the surface of the soil. Cover these with potting compost, garden compost or well-rotted manure. Keep covering the roots as they appear and gradually over the course of the summer the moat will disappear and the mound will spread outwards.
Jemmer F1 (AGM) - highly prolific on compact plants, bright yellow in colour.
El Greco – early cropping, excellent flavour, mid-green courgettes, RHS Award of Garden Merit.
Marrow Long Green Bush is the true traditional Marrow.
Has all the attributes of Green Trailing, but with a bush habit for more limited space.
Excellent flavour and highly productive.
Summer heading.

Handy Tip: Marrows and Courgettes prefer a deep humus rich soil for both the goodness and its water retention qualities.
Nutritional Value: A good source of pro-vitamin A, vitamins C and E.

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