Saturday, 23 May 2015

Favourite roses for scent, for cutting.

Top 10 roses for scent | How to, Ornamental, Summer, Top tips | Amateur Gardening Amateur Gardening:
- ‘Louise Odier’
- ‘Madame Isaac Pereire’
- ‘De Resht’ 
- ‘Professeur Emile Perrot’ (syn. ‘Kazanlik’)
- ‘Jude the Obscure’
- ‘Quatre Saisons’
- ‘Great Maiden’s Blush’
- ‘Sir Frederick Ashton’
- ‘Gertrude Jekyll’
- ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’

Gardening: Top 10 roses for cutting - Sarah Raven:
- Princess Alexandra
- White Gold
- William Shakespeare 2000
- Golden Celebration
- Graham Thomas
- Susan
- Winchester Cathedral
- Gertrude Jekyll
- Buttercup
- ‘Louise Odier'

Some of the favourite roses mentioned on Gardener's World:
- Presenter's Monty Don favourite Roses - Chapeau de Napoleon
- Rachel de Thame - Roses in her garden included Graham Thomas, Evelyn, Golden Celebration and Penny Lane.
- Carol Kline - New Dawn
- Alan Titchmarsh - Jacques Cartier
- Sarah Raven - Charles de Mills
- Nick Biddle (Regents Park Head Gardener) - Stanwell Perpetual Sweet Dreams is the most successful British rose ever with sales of 4 1/2 million since 1998.

Gardener's World Favourite Rose Survey:
1. Gertrude Jekyll
2. Peace
3. Albertine (the Queen Mother's favourite rose)
4. Iceberg
5. Blue Moon

- Monty Don: Pergolas, arches, trees, even the side of the house will be enriched if you let roses ramble | Mail Online:
As a general rule, use climbers on walls, fences, pillars and pergolas and ramblers will grow into hedges, trees over large arches and may also be used on pillars and pergolas.

- Coming up roses: Bring that boring pergola to life by training masses of climbing roses over it - then letting them run riot | Mail Online:

- How to grow: best compact climbing roses - Telegraph:

- Organic gardening: Growing roses - Telegraph: "Top 10 disease-resistant roses"

- Top 10 climbers - By Rachel de Thame.:
1. Rosa 'Penny Lane'
I COULD dedicate the whole article to climbing roses, but I've chosen this one simply because it's such a good doer. It was awarded Rose of the Year in 1998. I grow it in my garden on a lowish, north-east-facing wall. It produces nicely shaped flowers, beautiful in bud and almost blowsy when fully open. The colour is particularly subtle, buff with a hint of pink when young, becoming Champagne with age. It has good disease resistance, is compact enough for the smallest garden and it repeats well. Since it went in, I have always been able to pick a posy for the house at Christmas.

- Which scented roses to plant in the garden - Saga:
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