Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Kale - iron-rich vegetable.

Hail the kale! This iron-rich vegetable is easy to grow and produces delicious new leaves for months | Daily Mail Online
- cholesterol-lowering qualities and plenty of iron, fibre, vitamin K and antioxidants.
- 'Red kale, such as the plum-coloured 'Redbor' or 'Red Russian', which has grey-green foliage with deep purple stems, is very handsome and worth growing for its decorative value alone.
I make my first sowing at the beginning of February, under cover, either sowing one seed per module or scattering them into seed trays and pricking them out when they develop a 'true' leaf. I then plant out the seedlings, 15cm-23cm (6in-9in) apart, around Easter.
I then thin these plants to allow a few to grow larger, and make another sowing in March which will be planted outside in May and stay in the ground for nearly a year.

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