Sunday, 19 June 2016

How to rid your garden of woodlice.

How to rid your garden of woodlice | Strawberries in the Desert
...sure to watch the original post - there is a photo!
Here’s what I learnt:
Find an old empty plant pot (a container from seedlings will be plenty big enough).
Fill it with dry mulch (strow).
Find a blob of the smelliest bit of compost you’ve got (worryingly the smelliest thing I could find turned out to be at the bottom of my fridge) then stuff it in the centre of the mulch.
Invert the pot onto the soil in your vegetable patch.
And there you have it.
Two weeks later, lift the pot, throw the contents back into the compost bin and start again.
The woodlice will be back where they belong, doing their bit to create new compost, and your garden will be free of pests.

I called into the community garden earlier today and I peeked under one of the pots we made on Saturday.
Sure enough it was crawling with creatures that would otherwise be eating the kohlrabi.
For a bed approximately two metres long by a metre wide, Frank suggested four pots.

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