Sunday, 19 June 2016

Michaelmas daisies .

Michaelmas daisies – Fennel and Fern

Top tips for growing asters from Paul Picton at Old Court Nurseries:

1. Choose a sunny position.
Since michaelmas daisies are so late flowering they need a good proportion of the days sunlight hours in order to form there flowers properly.
2. Plant in fertile soil.
They are tough plants and will grow almost anywhere you put them, but to get the best from them you need fertile soil.
Additional feed can also help with the display.
3. Remember to stake the tall willowy varieties before the autumn storms as there is nothing more disappointing then finding your best flowers flat on the floor.
4. Most put on a better show as comparatively young plants so divide them regularly.
Novi belgii’s can be divided every year, while novae-agliae’s and amellus cultivars are best left at least 3 years before division.
5. Mildew prevention for those that are prone.

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