Saturday, 22 October 2016

Japanese wineberry.

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Japanese wineberries fruit on the previous year’s growth.
Which means I planted the canes in autumn 2009, the stems grew last year (2010) and this is their first fruiting season (2011).

Achingly simple to propagate, these arching stems will start forming roots as soon as they hit the soil.

After all the fruit has been picked, cut the stems on which the fruit formed down to the ground in late August/September, leaving this years new growth for the plant to fruit on next year.
These very attractive fruit canes will grow in sun or part shade, so a real winner for any part of the garden, potager or allotment.
Best planted bare- rooted in autumn, I bought mine from Ken Muir Fruit Nursery and see they’re also available at Victoriana Nursery.

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