Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Lakemont Grape Vine.

Monty Don's choice of Lakemont!
Lakemont Grape Vine - Vitis vinifera - Seedless
Monty Don's favorite grape, Lakemont is a sweet table grape, produces tight clusters of yellow-green grapes if grown in an unheated greenhouse or conservatory. Fruits well from late September if grown outside against a sunny wall in the south. Avoid alkaline (chalk) soil and provide good drainage.

Mildew resistant.

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Pruning advice
Buy bare-rooted plants while they are dormant.
Dig a hole a couple of feet across and the same depth, and mix the excavated soil with a good dose of organic matter before backfilling and firming down, planting the vine at the level at which it was originally grown.
Water generously for the first year.

Bates suggests cutting back hard in the spring after the first year of growth to promote root growth.
Shirley suggests spur pruning if you have a wall or structure to cover.
Train the main stem up the wall, tying in side shoots (laterals) horizontally to the nearest wire as they grow, one per wire.
Cut extras off.
Once the laterals have grown as far as you want them to, cut off the ends of the branches.
Sub-laterals will be formed off these and should be cut back to two buds.
Prune back to this framework every autumn.

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