Sunday, 12 March 2017

Growing Quinces.

Growing Quinces | How To Grow | Grow Your Own:
"As well as the annual winter prune, quinces need a little attention early on in the year.
Give them a top-dressing of general-purpose fertilizer each February (using Growmore or Bonemeal), just before the tree bursts into leaf.
Sprinkle this evenly on the ground under the canopy.
It should be given in March of each year and raked lightly into the soil beneath the canopy of the tree.
A month or two latergive your tree its annual cloak of mulch, setting down a few inches of leafmould, garden compost or similar organic material.
The magnificent quince blossom arrives much later than other fruit trees (usually around May) but even at this time of year frosts are still a threat.
If the mercury plummets then cover the blossom as best as you can with a couple of layers of horticultural fleece.
If you plant in an area free from frost-pockets you should avoid this problem."
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