Sunday, 4 June 2017

I’m 35 and I love gardening. Deal with it.

I’m 35 and I love gardening. Deal with it | Life and style | The Guardian:
"Gardening is many things: beautiful, meditative, healthy, exciting, rewarding and creative.
However, I often feel as if gardening is not particularly popular among my peers.
It seems to come down to one thing: age.
I’m 35 years old and I’m passionate about gardening.
Unfortunately, whenever I bring up gardening in a social situation – at the pub or in a room of colleagues, for example – there can be a few wry smiles.
I sometimes begin to feel as if I’ve admitted to some unusual obsession, like collecting my own toenail clippings or keeping a pet rock.
At Christmas, a family member slapped me on the back and informed anyone listening that I was “a sixty year old trapped in the body of a thirty-five year old”."
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