Friday, 26 July 2013

Cucumber 'Crystal Lemon'

Cucumber 'Crystal Lemon' Seeds: "Cucumber 'Crystal Lemon' "
Cucumber 'Crystal lemon' is an old-fashioned, delicious tasting round cucumber with fantastic flavour, rather like you might expect from its melon-like shape – very juicy and deliciously mild and sweet.

It is very prolific and easy to grow. Children particularly seem to love Crystal lemon' and it looks lovely on the vine.

Variety: Cucumber 'Crystal Lemon' - organic (Cucumis sativus, Heritage variety)
Type: Half-Hardy Annual
Site: You can grow this Cucumber indoors or outdoors in humus rich, moist soil and sunshine.
Sowing: Sow under cover in Feb-March to be ready to go out when the frosts finish in May. Sow them individually, vertically down (to prevent rotting) into 3in/7.5cm pots. Germinate at unusually high temperatures of at least 21C/70F (at 24C/75F you'll get quicker germination). Seedlings should appear in just over a week. Harden off and plant out in late May-early June.
Height: Up to 6' tall
Spacing: As soon as the roots fill their first pot, if the frosts are over, plant them out about 26cm apart.
Care tips: They are climbers so give some support. Water well, and dig in a good lot of compost when planting out. Regular picking promotes further growth.
Harvest: You'll be eating the fruits by the end of June. If you keep picking, they'll go on producing into the autumn, and finish in October. Pick when tennis-ball size, not larger, as the skins become tough with age.
Cooking Notes: Rub away the little black spikes on the outside, and enjoy sliced raw. Try it in Sarah's favourite Andalusian Soup Salad recipe - with tomatoes, pepper, eggs and oregano.
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