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BBC Two - Gardeners' World, 2012, Episode 4:
Monty plants 
Clematis paniculata. Group 1 - flowers between May and June, no pruning, scented. -New Zealand species, Clematis paniculata, in NZ it flowers in the spring.
Clematis 'Alba Luxurians'. Group 3 - Flowering period: July to September, prune hard.
Clematis 'John Huxtable'. Group 3 - Bloom Time: June to September, prune hard.

Clematis and their groupings can be confusing.
Flowering time determines how and when to prune.
There are three basic groups;
Group 1 includes the early flowering species and their hybrids, they include Clematis alpina, C. armandii and C. Montana.
Group 2 contains the large ‘dinner-plate’ flowering hybrids that flower mid-season in May and June; these include popular varieties like, Nelly Moser and The President, Half hardy and slow to establish.
Group 3 are the mid to late season flowers and include large late-flowering clematis and the delicate viticellas.

Clematis like their heads in the sun and their roots in the shade, so when planting, plant them deep.
Monty Don digs a hole at least twice the depth of the pot, then adds plenty of his home made garden compost before planting.
After watering well, Monty finishes off with another thick layer of compost.
This will provide the feed and moisture retentive conditions they need to thrive.
Сlematis "bible" website
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