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Sanguinaria canadensis f.multiplex - Perennial & Biennial Plants - Thompson & Morgan

You can also propagate bloodroot flowers from root division at any time. Plant sections of the root ½ to 1 inch deep in an acidic, organic- rich soil in a location with only dappled sun.
The display that a clump of Sanguinaria can make, in a humus rich spot such as a peat garden, in early spring, is not to be missed.
Available for ordering from both our Autumn and Spring lists, though the species range will vary between lists.

Sanguinaria Canadensis
The important alkaloid Sanguinarin is contained in this seasonal herb.
He doesn’t destroy the healthy cells and has great capacity to destroy cancerous cells.
It is used orally and externally against skin cancer and also helps in fightint against other forms of cancer.

- Guide to woodland plants or plants for shade : Plants for shade blog

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